Transforming the Fitness Industry

Welcome to Athletikapp, your one-stop shop for innovative digital solutions designed to empower the fitness industry and beyond.

A Vision for Sustainable Growth

Our vision is to continuously evolve and serve the fitness industry by offering a sustainable, comprehensive digital platform. We envision ourselves as the future of fitness and wellness, providing both online and onsite solutions that cater to your every need.

A Suite of Powerful Tools

Athletikapp offers a diverse range of services that go beyond the ordinary. We provide

Event Management

Streamline your event planning and execution with our efficient tools.

Sports Tourism

Craft unforgettable fitness getaways and manage them effortlessly.

Training Facility Management

Optimize your gym operations with our data-driven solutions.

Business Consulting

Gain expert insights and strategies to elevate your fitness business.

Strategic Marketing

Reach your target audience and build a thriving community with our marketing expertise.

Community Management

Fostering engagement and interaction within your fitness community, both online and offline

Our Team

Creative people

George Tsatsaronis

Managing Director / CEO

Michael Kavdas

Assistant Director / COO

Babis Aronis

Director of Multinational Development

Ilias Vrettakos

Software Engineer / CTO

Thodoris Korkontzelos

Art Director

How It Started

In 2017, two friends, driven by a shared vision, embarked on the journey of creating a fitness and wellness platform to enhance online training and nutrition activities. Their inaugural platform, Daily Nutrition & Fitness (, aimed not only to streamline their online operations but also to embrace the rapid evolution of the online revolution. In 2018 an additional friend entered our shareholder and administration team.

Where It’s Going

Since 2019, our team has expanded significantly, welcoming two more platforms Reventy ( & Holiday Your Fitness ( We've also invested in hiring in-house experienced developers to craft our newborn custom platforms. Additionally, we've onboarded graphic and web designers to effectively showcase our growing suite of tools to the world. With a total of four custom platforms and over ten products in the fitness and wellness industry, we're poised to revolutionize operations by offering a consolidated array of possibilities accessible through a single login.

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