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Our team consisting of developers, software engineers, and fitness professionals dedicate their expertise to crafting cutting-edge technology for Sports Tourism, Event and Gym Management.

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Bridging the gap between onsite and online for seamless fitness experiences.

Athletikapp understands the fitness industry is constantly evolving. That's why we offer everyday solutions to common problems, seamlessly connecting your onsite and online experiences. Train anytime, anywhere with personalized plans, track your progress digitally, and connect with a global fitness community.

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Building a team where everyone specializes in their field yet works closer to a stronger cause.
George Tsatsaronis Founder
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Focus Forward: Streamline Your Business with Athletikapp.

Athletikapp's intuitive backend simplifies gym, sports events & sports vacation management, giving you valuable time back to focus on what matters most - your business and your passion. Take control with streamlined access and recording, allowing you to analyze data, optimize operations, and maximize your revenue stream. Partner with Athletikapp and experience the freedom to focus on growth, knowing your operations are running seamlessly in the background.

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